Tauhoko -ā- Rangi™

A 4 week online ecommerce/website programme for wāhine Māori and their whānau.

9 JULY 2024

We will support you in getting your online shop or website up and running, from technical to marketing advice and support…

How it works

We will guide you through creating your online shop

  • This is a 4 week programme where you can work at your own pace, with videos and information to guide you.

  • We have researched the internet to give you the best tutorials.
  • Guided questions from each module so you know you are on the right track.
  • You have access to the course materials for 6 months from the date you register.

Tautoko Akoranga


Weekly Q & A Calls

Every week we have a Q & A Call on Tuesday night via Zoom. You can come on and ask any question you have.

Private Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook Group just for participants in the wānanga. You can get support from other participants and get your questions answered.

Completion Certificate

We have a beautiful completion certificate which you get once your shop is up and running and you have finished the course.

What you need to be able to join us

We are looking forward to seeing you online!

  • We STONGLY suggest you attend our first online zoom session.
  • Have a business plan or have attended MWDI HineBoss™

  • You are a Wāhine Māori living in New Zealand


We will support you in getting your online shop up and running, from technical to marketing advice and support…